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Elizabeth Savanella is a New York based kid lit creator with awards from Mom's Choice and Royal Dragonfly. She is looking to collaborate with publishers of both picture books and chapter books.

Her illustration work combines painterly textures with clean shapes and compositions. This style stems from Elizabeth's own experience looking for a balance between trendy commercial art (which helped launch her career) and personal creative exploration (which makes her heart happy!)


Elizabeth's writing focuses on picture books with heartfelt underdog stories about cute characters with big personalities. 

In addition to her work in publishing, Elizabeth is also a print artist with Design Works International.

"I grew up with 3 cats, a dog, 6 turtles, 4 birds, a frog, a guinea pig, a hamster, numerous fish, a jar full of snails, a garden, and a favorite tree! I adore animals and enjoy personifying them in my work! I hope that compelling, emotive characters will help the next generation to empathize with and relate to the natural world. If I can be a little part of that I will consider myself a success.

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Elizabeth is represented by Emily Keyes at Keyes Literary

  • Hallmark Publishing

  • Cricket Magazine

  • Houghton Mifflin 

  • Silver Dolphin Books

  • Usborne Books

  • Igloo Books

  • Sellers Publishing

  • Printers Row

  • LF products

  • Clever Factory

  • Design House Greetings

  • Middle School Moguls

  • Party City

  • Bibliokid publishing


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Phone: (914)815-1661

Email: esavanella@gmail.com

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